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Money and Meaning Podcast

Welcome to the Money and Meaning podcast where we chronicle the search for meaning over money. Each week we share tips, success stories, and resources as we discuss the delicate mix between making a difference and making money.

Sep 30, 2020

By sharing the meaning in his entrepreneurial journey, Brian Scudamore helped shape mine. As a young CEO, you feel more capable when you hear that all it takes to build a million-dollar business is navigating some ups and downs, a series of good decisions, a clear set of values and a strong network. Brian talks about being willing to fail and describes how to move through it. Neither of us knew that he would change my life and my business by sharing his story, but that's exactly why I set out to chronicle the search for meaning over money. When you know that failure is part of the journey to creating success and meaning you can better accept it. Learn what it takes to be willing to fail, listen now.


Remember in episode 105 when I talked about how we had to restructure our whole Presidential team. Well, recording this episode is what gave me the courage to do it. It also let me know that everything would be ok.


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