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Money and Meaning Podcast

Welcome to the Money and Meaning podcast where we chronicle the search for meaning over money. Each week we share tips, success stories, and resources as we discuss the delicate mix between making a difference and making money.

Jun 30, 2021

Ever bought a course that made you feel taken advantage of? Or maybe, you were the one that sold the course taking advantage of the public? Wait, or are you hesitating to sale your program because you want to separate yourself from the fake, snake oil salesman, but you can't figure out how? Well this episode is for you, I address all of this. If you thought last week's episode was tough love, you're either going to cry or cheer by the end of this one. Either way, I'm sure you are going to have some strong emotions. I've set out to protect this business and self-development industry. Buyer beware...snake oil salesmen (women) beware even more. We are exposing you. Check it out.


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