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Money and Meaning Podcast

Welcome to the Money and Meaning podcast where we chronicle the search for meaning over money. Each week we share tips, success stories, and resources as we discuss the delicate mix between making a difference and making money.

Jun 23, 2021

There are usually three different types of men on their search for meaning over money that I work with, which one are you? Whichever one you are, there are some things blocking you from not only connecting with your full potential monetarily, but also in other areas of your life. This episode is pretty heavy, but it's from my heart so consider it tough love. You need some right now. (Women that includes you.) You'll find my take on the #metoo movement is different than you hear in mainstream media. I drop some heavy topics and identify some common behaviors that have to stop now. Let's confront and overcome dynamics that are unnecessarily setting you at odds with the opposite sex. Listen now and begin to overcome your relationship blocks.


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